RIP Cassie

RIP Cassie

In March, our beloved ‘Cassie’  (upper right on home page) died of canine cancer.  We knew it was coming so we were prepared somewhat but losing a pet after nine years still hurts.  Cassie was our first female rottie and her personality was totally different from anything we had previously experienced.  She was ‘girlie’ all the way, from squatting to pee to crossing her legs when she was down.  Everyone loved her and she will be sorely missed.

That brings me to the present.  We love our rotties and knew we would be getting another. And, we needed to find a pup so we could get though the worst part of the training before the cold, nasty Maryland weather set in.

We wanted a young rottweiler (under 4 mos.) and checked first at the local pound and at the numerous rescue organizations that listed rotties or rottie/mix.  No luck at all. Not willing to pay what local breeders were asking, my wife located a breeder in Pa. that was reasonable.

I drove up and got the pup and we became the owners of a beautiful little 12-week-old, AKC8 weeks rottweiler.  The ride home was an experience in itself and I felt like throwing her out the window a few times but we made it. I thought “cujo” would be a nice name but momma would have no part of it. Nor would  she accept “fang,” “dog,” or any of the other great names I suggested. We settled on “Bella.”

Bella just turned 12 weeks the 11th of May and the serious training has started. She knows “no,” “sit,” “come,” and every once in a while, if she is good and ready, she’ll obey one of those commands.  She is getting better though.  I had forgotten how many times a pup this age needs to pee and poop! Unbelievable.  This critter is like a fountain.  Fortunately, she crate-trained fairly quickly so if we are vigilant while she is out of the crate, we have very few accidents.

Here’s a few shots of her at 16 weeks.



Bella_12_wks I’ll try to post regularly on her training and progress.  Starting this week, she is learning “touch” in readiness for teaching her to ring a bell when she needs to go out.  I’ll shoot some video and post that also.  I would love to hear your comments as I track her growth and training.

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