Old Grey Coupe

Last weekend, at one of the cruise-ins I attend, I was taking photos of the cars and came upon this old IMG_6612fellow.  At first I wasn’t going to include it but went ahead and shot the photo along with the others.

This week, while looking over the photos and trying to decide which one I wanted to work with, I kept going back to this car. My thinking was this; “Anyone can shoot a photo of a beautiful, fully finished classic, antique or custom car and then use that photograph to create a finished piece of artwork.  MMmm, but I wonder what could be done with this one?”

Well, after a few more cups of coffee, I got some ideas and here is what I came up with. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Click the image to see a larger version. (looks much better than this)

Old Coupe

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  • Bruce Magee

    July 20, 2014

    HEY !! I know that car !! lol It looks great ! (with paint ) It’s always interesting to see other peoples vision of something that happens to be totally different that what the “normal” is , and the lines on the older cars are pretty cool if I say so myself !! Love the idea ! Thanks for seeing something in it as I do, and someday I will finish it bringing MY ideas to life……Bruce Magee (owner of the 37 chevy coupe)

  • hinsonro

    July 20, 2014

    LOL…glad you liked it. Looking forward to the finished product. I’m sure she’ll be a beaut!


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