Mini-Choppers: The New Fun Toy

While searching for something for my bike, I learned of a section of the ‘biker kulture’ that I knew nothing about; mini-choppers.  Now just wait till I show up at Shady Grove on one of these. 🙂 It will probably be awhile though since most of these are made in China. I guess I’ll have to build my own.

Zooming successfully on the roads, a thrill that peps up the adrenalin… that is exactly what the mini choppers do.  Mini chopper is a type of pocket dirt bike. It is like a small version of motor cycle appearing like a chopper. They are made of steel pipes or even steel tubes and have 4 stroke cc engine. They can store about a gallon of gass and reach speeds of 50-75 mph though the average is about 40 mph.  They are also fitted with mechanical brakes and can be driven on uneven surfaces and rough dirt roads. This makes them a cross country choice also for weekend bikers. Since they are lighter they give a feel of a chopper at a reasonable cost.

Amongst the most favored types, those who can customise the chopper are happy riders. By understanding the dynamics of his machine, the rider can use it to the optimum level. Customized ones are light weight with low seat height. Other types are of electric and variety. Electric mini choppers are much cheaper than the ones that run on gas. They are best suited for new bikers and children. However those with gas provide faster speed. This means the rider has to be more careful and skillful. They also come in smaller sizes.

Buyers have been attracted to mini choppers worldwide. They provide great thrill and fun which has increased their demand. They are more frequently used in racing and other sport events. Folks also use them to experience a blissful and pleasant ride. These choppers are safer and comfortable too. They are known for their trendy look and come in different sizes and colors. Young adults prefer their chopper with gorgeous looks and maintain them very well. They are funky, small, looking marvel with a touch of class. They usually range from 50 to 200 cc cutting across various age groups. They leave a lasting impression provide satisfaction with a sense of pride to the rider.

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