Japanese Customs – over the edge

2196721839_e7dd046cf0_bWell, now I’ve seen it all.  I happened onto some images of Japanese customs and these are the wildest cars I’ve ever seen.  They appear to be mostly late model ‘vehicles, and all are wildly customized. Many had up-swept pipes 2196730503_7e85c05d3b_b(how does s/he keep the rainwater out?) that extended what appears to be four to six foot either up or up and back.

2196733745_ac1c506fc0_bAnother addition is a large panel that is molded into the front which gives the initial appearance that they are  on trailers, as seen in the two left images.  I have no idea what the purpose is or what it is meant to convey. If anyone knows or has an idea, please post and share with us.  You can see the other images from the show on ch.knuckles flickr site.

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