I Must Apologize

Ya, know; I think I owe my fellow bikers an apology. It seems that everything I’ve posted so far has been geared toward the car crowd and that was not my intention. So, starting today, I will attempt to be more balanced with my posts. Here is a bike portrait that I had the pleasure of creating a few weeks back. It belongs to Larry the parts guy (not to be confused with “Larry the Cable Guy”) at Battley Cycles in Rockville, Md. He’s the go-to guy if you need parts. orangechopper

And on another note, one problem that most of us have at one time or another is… discoloration of the chrome on our pipes. Here’s an article by Karl Kittel about ‘Blue Job’ which I hear is one of the best around for restoring the chrome to it’s original brilliance.

I stopped by the local Harley shop yesterday; my wife loves to shop in the clearance section. She found a nice sweatshirt on sale. I went and looked at chrome polish and cleaners. They had Blue Job Chrome Polish, one of the products I’ve wanted to try. They claim that it can remove bluing from exhaust pipes. My top exhaust pipe is turning light gold, and I would love to be able to remove it.

I was surprised when I got home and opened the package. Blue Job Chrome Polish is not a paste; it is a super concentrated powder. It comes with a little buffing cloth. You get the cloth lightly wet, and then dip it in the powder, to form a thick paste. You should always make sure that the chrome is cool to the touch before cleaning it. Then wash down your motorcycle chrome with spot-free soap and water before using the polish, to remove any dirt and grime that can leave fine scratches on the chrome. Once you clean the chrome with soap and water and then dry it, apply the paste and start buffing with the small cloth. Once the buffing is finished, let the paste dry to a white haze. Then wipe it off with a clean, dry soft cloth.

The gold discoloration did not disappear completely, but it did seem to be lighter than when I started. With some more elbow grease I could probably get the gold off completely. The motorcycle chrome that I polished came out to a bright luster. Overall, this chrome polish is easy to use and gives good results.

Blue Job Chrome Polish is for chrome and stainless steel only; do not use on aluminum, billet aluminum, chrome plated aluminum, other metals, plastic coatings, powder coatings, or painted surfaces. Always read and follow the manufacturer’s directions for use.

Karl Kittel is an avid Motorcycle rider and a member of H.O.G. He has a blog that reviews chrome motorcycle accessories and provides advice on how to care for your motorcycle chrome.

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