Finishing this 1932 Chevrolet Convertible Cabriolet’s 40-year restoration was a family affair

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Strange though it seems, apples have a tendency to start things. The story of Adam and Eve, for instance, or Newton’s ruminations on gravity. Apples also started the restoration odyssey of a particular bit of General Motors history. When an aged lady came to the home of Allan and Pat Kehrley in Liberty, New York, to buy apples one summer day, another story was begun.

A partially assembled old car in the garage caught the eye of Helen Adolph, who had owned a car like that when she was a young woman. She told Allan and Pat some of her stories: how she bought her black car in New York City in 1936 and used to drive it up to Sullivan County every weekend until she and her family moved up permanently in 1941; how after the war, it was stored in her barn’s hay loft, and how upset she was when her husband sold it in 1953 without consulting her.  Continue to full article and images.

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  • cabriolet cars

    August 12, 2010

    same thing happened to my first car, my dad sold it without me knowing! that sucked.

  • Anonymous

    October 21, 2011

    I am going to try and undertaking like you fellows did what i am looking for and have been for some time is wood you fellows did a bang on job you must be proud—


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