Back in the Saddle

Well, as you can see by the dates, I’ve been away for almost two months. However, I’ve not been idle. I had some health problems and then my wife was given many new responsibilities at work.  She needed some help getting acclimated to the software that she needed to use and I was that help.  Considering that she was computer illiterate when she began three weeks ago, when this additional work was handed her, she has come a long way. So, now that she is up and running with very little help from me, I can get back to my blogs.

We are in the process of redecorating the condo (very slowly, I might add) so I’ve come up with a few idea for a large canvas to hang above the fireplace.  Needless to say, none of my ‘man-cave’ art suited her so I created a few girly-images for her.  Flowers and such.   I was surprised that she actually liked a few of them. Now we just need to decide which to use.

In the process though, I came up with a new process and will be posting as I play with it. Here are the first few for the mantle.  The selected image will be printed at 40″ x 30″ on art canvas using the giclee process.




And one I did for Thanksgiving.


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