Jan 292015

Hyundai is coming out with a pickup that my wife has already ok’d for me to purchase. Well, at least she said “Oh!, that’s beautiful” which I took to mean “why don’t we get one of those?” I’ve never liked pickups other than the early El Caminos. However, this one makes me feel the need to have one in my drive.  You can see more pics on Hyundai’s FB page here.

And adding to the eye-candy, here’s this weeks gearhead. (click to enlarge) You can see them by clicking the ‘cruise-ins’ tab up top and then selecting ‘gearheads.’ Check back regularly and you might find one of you. Tom

Jan 232015

Stumbled on a competition site this morning for those using the “Topaz” plugin with Photoshop.  One person posts an image and then everyone tries to make it better/different using the Topaz filter somewhere in the process.  Here is the original image and my version.  Click on either version to see a larger image. Click on that image to see the full size image.



Jan 222015

Harry's AutoCarrierEarlier this month, I created a Showboard for my friend Harry Kraemer over at www.flymall.org. He had recently purchased this beautiful 1912 AutoCarrier to add to his growing collection of unique three wheel vehicles and needed the showboard for upcoming shows that he would be entering.

We (I say ‘we’ because my showboards are a collaboration between the owner and myself on design, rather than using template. No two are exactly alike) came up with the design you see on the left. (click to see a larger image)

This morning, I was looking through the images I had taken and decided to do something a bit more artistic.  My idea was to create an image that while recognizable, would look a bit aged. Here is what I came up with.  I’d be interested to hear any comments.



Jan 202015

Each January, our pastor chooses a theme for the upcoming year.  This year’s theme is “Walk the Walk so that others may see Christ through you.”  (Eph. 5: 2, 15, 16).  Here is the banner I created for our website to showcase the new theme.

walk the walk for web

Jan 182015

Well, here it is the middle of January and I’m just writing my first blog post.  Over the past few month, when time allowed between all the hussle and bustle of the holidays, I’ve played with some new photo techniques that I found interesting. One is a way of making an ordinary photo appear as a painting.

On my old site I had a page with photos of the gear-heads that visited the various and so this year, I’m combining the two and every week or so, I’ll post a new ‘painterly’ image of one of the guys/gals on the ‘GearHeads’ page. (under the Cruise-ins tab)  For the introduction, I’ve picked three that I think most folks will recognize.  You can click to see a larger version.




Nov 072014

Let me start by saying that I am definitely a ‘fair weather’ rider. I don’t like riding when I’m miserable so when the weather drops down into the 40s or below, I don’t break the motorcycle out unless it is an absolute necessity.

Having said that, I love the autumn weather with its beautiful scenery and fresh, brisk air.  I also like the fact that I can be comfortable riding with full leathers so I am somewhat protected from the next accident.

This morning, it was in the low 50s and I needed to go to the bank so I took the bike. Wonderful morning and once again it reminded me of just out beautiful our world is in the early hours.

For those of you who are not out on two wheels, early in the morning, here is my idea of what you miss.



Nov 032014

Here is one I did for my gear-head followers.  Not sure of the year/make but for this type of technique, it’s not really that important.  This would look great hanging in a den or man-cave. (particularly if your own car is used for the image).



Nov 032014

Well, as you can see by the dates, I’ve been away for almost two months. However, I’ve not been idle. I had some health problems and then my wife was given many new responsibilities at work.  She needed some help getting acclimated to the software that she needed to use and I was that help.  Considering that she was computer illiterate when she began three weeks ago, when this additional work was handed her, she has come a long way. So, now that she is up and running with very little help from me, I can get back to my blogs.

We are in the process of redecorating the condo (very slowly, I might add) so I’ve come up with a few idea for a large canvas to hang above the fireplace.  Needless to say, none of my ‘man-cave’ art suited her so I created a few girly-images for her.  Flowers and such.   I was surprised that she actually liked a few of them. Now we just need to decide which to use.

In the process though, I came up with a new process and will be posting as I play with it. Here are the first few for the mantle.  The selected image will be printed at 40″ x 30″ on art canvas using the giclee process.




And one I did for Thanksgiving.