Terra Rubra Lions Club Car Show

Terra Rubra Lions Club Car Show

Yesterday, I visited a car show in “Terra Rubra” Maryland. I have lived about 30-40 miles south of this community but had never heard the name. After a few wrong turns (thanks Google) I found the show. There were about three dozen cars there, many from the MisFits car club which I’m familiar with. The show was rather disappointing to me since I’m not necessarily a ‘gear-head’ but attend the car shows to view and photograph the cars. I usually look at the distance to show/number of cars ratio and for me, this one doesn’t make the cut. But if you live near Keymar or Tanytown then this might be one to watch. You can see all the photos in my flickr album:

Terra Rubra Lions Club Show-33

Terra Rubra Lions Club Show-20


Terra Rubra Lions Club Show-30

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